The Illinois Speed 6th grade National Team just returned from Orlando, Florida after finishing up their second session in the NYBL. The National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) is the premier middle school league in North America offering a platform for top teams in the United States and Canada. Currently, our boys are undefeated, with a record of 9-0 against some of the top talent in the North America! To say we are proud of these young men is a gross understatement.

The success of this team dates back to the beginning of their basketball careers. Many of these young men have played together since 2nd and 3rd grade. The friendships that they share off the court translates to pure chemistry when they play.  Of course, a lot of their success can be attributed to sheer athletic ability....but for this team, it is MUCH more than that. It is a brotherhood. A family. They show up and work hard to play and win for EACHOTHER. There are no egos here. There isn't one player who shines above all others. They are a team in every sense of the word and their record of success is proof of the bond that they share.

We wish them well as they continue their Spring season and prepare for the NYBL Championships at the end of May in Atlanta, Georgia.  #speednation

Coach: Titcus Pettigrew

Players: Tyson Amoo-Mensah, Kaden Cobb, Bobby Durkin, Reggie Fleurima, Dylan McGivney, Trey Pettigrew, Maxwell Reese,  Nate Robinson, Zeke Williams