IBA and IL Speed have merged to form the United Basketball Academy. The UBA will provide what many of you have encouraged us to do over the years in order to run a solid facility and provide fundamental basketball success's for your children. The UBA will be a merger of programs utilizing the individual strengths of each, maintaining the individual brands along with creating economies of scale. The UBA is a comprehensive approach to provide a strong successful basketball experience as players enter the program until they reach the top of their game. This synergy has already begun to create many exciting opportunities for the future and with your support it will develop into an even more successful program.

How will it work?

At each grade level, we will have a UBA All-American's team, Speed and IBA Select teams to compete in different skill and geographical areas. We will have a competitive program that works best for your player and lifestyle.  After many conversations with parents, our goal is to provide opportunities for kids to develop and enjoy the game of basketball. The UBA is affiliated with over 300 teams in the Chicagoland area and will have entries in the local, state, regional and national tournaments. The UBA philosophy is simple - develop each player's individual talents and prepare them for the next level.

We offer Strictly Shooting and Strictly Ball Handling every week this summer. Affordable, adjusted pricing options are available for monthly and unlimited options.You can register online through IBA's website.

Our best,
Craig Veselik and Titcus Pettigrew 
Illinois Basketball Academy & Illinois Speed